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New Radio Play For "Temptation"

Nov 2 | Posted by: Mark

"Bravo for 7 piece Hudson Valley roots band who show meteoric maturity from 2010's "New Amsterdam." Solid writing supporting the playful yet powerful vocals of Beth Kaufman and first class fiddle and harmonica all playing with the enthusiasm of a jug band on moonshine."

- Bill Mitchell, KAFM-CO

In its first full month out, "Temptation" has been picked up by over 65 stations and programs including "UnderCurrents" (syndicated to 130 stations), 2AIR-FM-AU, 3INR-FM-AU, CITR-Vancouver, CA, CJTR- Regina, CA, CKUT-Montreal, CA, KAFM-CO, KDNK-CO, KDVS-CA, KGLP-NM, KOPN-MO, KPR-KA, KRFC-CO, KRVM-OR, KTRU-TX, KUAC-AK, KUAR-AK, KUNI-IA, KVMR-CA, KWMR-CA, KZMU-UT, PBS-FM-AU, Vermont Public Radio, WBRS-MA, WBZC-NJ, WEFT-IL, WERU-ME, WESU-CT, WEFS-TN, WFDU-NJ, WFMT-IL, WFUV-NY, WHAY-KY, WHUS-CT, WIOX-NY, WIUP-PA, WKZE-NY, WMSC-NJ, WNMC-WI, Worldwaves Radio - Israel, WOMR -MA, WORT-WI, WOUB-OH, WRFG-GA, WRKF-LA, WRRW-VA, WSCS-CT, WSPN-NY, WSLU-NY, WTSR-NJ, WTUL-LA, WUCX-MI, WUSB-NY, WVPE-IN, WWUH-CT, WXOU-MI, WXPN-PA, WYEP-PA, Radio Crystal Blue, Wildman Steve, Ocean Beach Radio, Semi-Twang, All Over The Place, Positively Charged Radio,
Hillbilly Rockhouse-Germany, and Folkscene

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